There are many different designs and sizes of inflatables, some of them are very simple to move and setup while there are some others that can be more complex due to their size and/or design, bigger size inflatables will require a wider space to move and a wider placement space, also most inflatables require a single blower  but some inflatables require two blowers and each blower needs to be connected to a separate electrical outlet to avoid using the same electrical circuit causing the circuit breaker to constantly pop out.
Some inflatables have water features like slides and pools, water featured inflatables have a few more requirements than dry inflatables, here below are the extra requirements for the water featured inflatables:
1: Do NOT turn off the inflatable at any time even if it is not in use, for overnight rentals you can turn it off at night but turn it back on right away in the morning.
This will avoid damage to the inflatable by water getting inside the unit and into the blower.
2: Do NOT leave the water running when not in use.
This will avoid unnecessary water waste and creation of water puddles and mud.
3: Do NOT turn on the water at full blast.
This will avoid unnecessary water waste and creation of water puddles and mud.

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